==&nbsp Fresh Off The Bus and Dr Zeds Missions==

Choose Your HeroEdit

This is the time to choose your hero.

HUNTER. his Name Is Mordecai. You start off with a sniper, and his special ability is His Pet Bloodwing. Press LB to fire it at any monster.

SIREN. Her name is Lillith. She starts off with a Submachine Gun, her special ability is to Phasewalk. Press LB To turn invisble for around 3 seconds, but you run really fast and can upgrade it.

BESERKER. His name is Brick. i Forgot what he Starts with but he canpound anyone with his fists.

SOLDIER. His name is Roland and is a former soldier of The Crimson Lance. He starts off with a Combat Rifle . Press LB To release a Turret which fires at any enemy.

Follow Claptrap Into FyrestoneEdit

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